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Censorship and Shock Jocks Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Censorship and Shock Jocks - Essay Example Howard Stern has said, "It is pretty shocking that governmental interference into our rights and free speech takes place in the U.S., ... It's hard to reconcile this with the 'land of the free' and the 'home of the brave.' "2 Apparently many times callers have tried to get Howard Stern's show censored by the FCC. According to the FCC, "[callers who complain] stating only that the objectionable programming 'discussed sex' or had a 'disgusting discussion of sex' is not sufficient. Moreover, the FCC must know the context when analyzing whether specific, isolated words or images are obscene, indecent, or profane."3 Many times, Howard Stern has had people on his show who are on the fringes of society, including porn stars, hookers, wrestling personalities, politicians, and all kinds of people from various sectors of the American landscape. He prides himself on his show being one of the most controversial there is. Howard Stern's language has apparently not only been a bane to the FCC in the past, but also in the present. The FCC has long challenged many of Howard Stern's statements as being profane or obscene or indecent in nature. Truly, these kinds of shows are not meant to offend intentionally-or, perhaps they are. But the basic point of these kinds of shows is that they force people to think and reevaluate their concepts and notions of right and wrong. Radio persIn that regard, Howard Stern continues to push the envelope as a shock jock. He continually makes comments that are rude, crass, and otherwise disgusting-all in the name of entertainment. Howard Stern does this mainly to entertain-and shock-his listeners. He is known for saying outrageous things. Howard Stern flies in the face of modern radio broadcasting. His foul mouth, his daring attitude, and not-so-subtle displays of affection on his show have shocked and offended many, perhaps. However, what makes Howard Stern appealing as an artist is the very fact that he does shock his listeners. If it weren't for that added touch, he wouldn't be as special as other radio personalities. Radio personalities such as Howard Stern should not be censored because their

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Bilby Case Study- persuassive writing portfolio Essay

Bilby Case Study- persuassive writing portfolio - Essay Example The future, any future, hospital or no hospital, is built on the foundation of our past: Our natural history and our man-made heritage. A new hospital is a brilliant idea. Destroying our natural history and heritage to build a new hospital is nothing but a headlong rush into the future with a foundation of sand: A race to the future with no foundation in the past. Bilbys blessing, and its curse, is its persona as a byword for local tranquility. Located off the highway, a century-and-a-half after the Gold Rush, time had largely past Bilby by until the production of City Stress, Country Pleasures. Now, Bilby is famous as the home of local tranquility, and its future, is contingent on preserving that image. A new district hospital will do nothing to facilitate that image and, if anything, undermine it. The development of Bilby, in a sustainable manner, must be predicated on preservation of local tranquility. Visitors seeking pastoral peace and quiet not visiting hospital patients are the key to Bilbys future. Preservation and restoration of the natural environment not enhancing the built environment is the key to Bilbys future. Preservation and restoration of Bilbys built heritage, not new development, is the key to Bilbys future success. John Russell, founder of Bilby Landcare, will be hosting a special event at the entrance to the Bilby Cemetery on Saturday, January 8, 2011 at noon. It will kick-off Bilby Landcares campaign to protect the cemetery and the community from reckless development. Joining John will be Garrett Pietro of Grassroots who will be debuting his new song about preserving the natural and built heritage of Bilby. John Russells past, present and future are embedded in Bilby. Born and raised here he left Bilby for university and returned to take over Russell Native Nursery in 1993. His commitment to the community deepened further when he stood for election to the shire council. Johns personal, professional and political lives are all

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Balloon Car Essay Example for Free

Balloon Car Essay Our first idea was to make a paper Lamborghini. We looked on many websites to find ways to make an origami-type Lamborghini. All of the instructional videos that we found were at least an hour-and-a-half, or did not even look like a car. As we got to school I had the idea to look up paper models of Lamborghinis, the kind where it has the dotted lines and you cut it out, fold it where it says to, and tape it together. We printed it out and we could not get it big enough on a standard-sized piece of printer paper. There were five basic shapes on the model so we just decided to take five pieces of paper and draw the shapes much bigger and duplicate the design. After we drew the design and cut it all out we decided to cut out pieces of cardboard the same shape and put it behind the paper so it was more stable and added some weight. For our balloon, we put a hole in the back of the car that we could put a straw through, and taped the balloon to the straw. We taped the straw up on the back part of the car so when we blew up the balloon it would go straight up. Our wheel idea came to mind when I was drawing out an idea for our car. I was using a blue highlighter, accidentally dropped it, and we discovered how fast it rolled. We decided to try to pop out the center part of the highlighter so we could put a piece of wire through the center through the two ends and hook the wire through the bottom part of the sides of the car. We were going to use two highlighters, one in the front and one in the back, instead of â€Å"4 wheels†. However, we could not get the center out of the highlighters. We went â€Å"dumpster diving† around the school and ending up getting pop caps from Ms. Chambers. Since our idea was to use highlighters and the wire, once we hammered a hold through each of the caps, we couldn’t figure out how to make them turn because we did not have a good axle. We tried to use just a straw for the axle and that did not work. We then tried to compact the straw so it was not as big around and that did not work either. We also tried to put nails through the caps and stick the nails into the side of the car but that did not work either. Our next idea was to go to the band room and put four timpani wheels on the bottom of our car, but they were way too heavy. Eventually we smashed the straws to make them thinner and put it inside a hollowed-out pen. This made a good axle and we used this for our car. As we tested our car to see if it would move, it did not. We realized that our car may be too heavy so we had to think of a Plan B. We decided to take five kabob sticks and hot glue them side-by-side so it was pretty much flat. We then put our Pepsi cap wheels on the bottom, and taped the straw and balloon on top. We tested it and it moved over five meters and the path it took was fairly straight. The speed of our car is 2. 37 Meters/second. We found our speed because it took 2. 37 seconds to travel one meter. Our car is a good example of inertia. It keeps moving until its â€Å"power source† (balloon) runs out of air. It stops it because if the balloon never ran out of air, and if there was nothing in its path, our car would never stop moving. It’s also an example of acceleration because it starts off slow, gets a little faster, and as the balloon starts to run out of air, it slows down again. It’s also an example of every action has an equal and opposite reaction, because as the balloon releases air the car moves.

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Propaganda, Patriotism, and the War on Terrorism :: Argumentative Persuasive Topics

Propaganda, Patriotism, and the War on Terrorism On college campuses across the nation, efforts are being made to silence professors who encourage students to probe the history of U.S. foreign policy in the effort to understand the September 11th attacks. Recent articles in The Chronicle of Higher Education report that students have complained to deans about professors critical of U.S. foreign policy, and boards of trustees, deans, and college presidents have drafted resolutions and issued public statements condemning their views. Professors have been shouted down, received volumes of hate mail and, on some campuses, death threats. In one case, a trustee publicly invited a professor "to take a hike." Historically, such attacks on free speech have risen sharply in times of national crisis -- precisely when a full range of views is sorely needed. They are particularly disturbing on campuses of higher education that should be strongholds of people who defend independent thinking. The nature of the arguments offered against these dissenting voices are very troubling; so too their political effects. The arguments fall into two groups. First, professors are charged with showing no concern for the feeling of others: they lack taste and judgment; they are insensitive, self-indulgent and offend others at a time when emotions are raw. In being so inattentive to their students' emotional sensitivities, dissenting faculty violate the trust students place in them. Now is not the time for critique, but for emotional nurturing, reassurance and national solidarity. Second, professors are charged with offering excuses for the attacks. Their examination of the role the United States may have played in creating conditions that make terrorist acts more likely amounts to a justification of the acts themselves. There is an emotional tyranny at play here, and its effect is to obstruct processes of understanding that alone will aid us in our ongoing debate over how to come to terms with terrorism. What do I mean by tyranny? In the first instance, we are being told that feelings alone are appropriate now. It is too early, indeed, it is tasteless, to begin to sort through our role in the complex factors that brought these people to their heinous acts. But understanding is crucial to wise action, and action, as we see in each morning's news, is most certainly being undertaken in our name. While we are being asked just to feel, the administration and its congressional allies hurry to pass laws that threaten our civil liberties at home, and engage in a massive war effort likely to foster greater resentment abroad.

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A University Education Is Not Essential for Success’ Essay

In a general point of view, university education is necessary for success and that is why parents nowadays would ask their children to finish their Bachelor degree as a minimum request. They think that university education is an essential element for success. However, I do not think that that is true at all. University education is only one of the keys for success but not the only key to achieve success. Some people may think that what success is being a millionaire or even a billionaire. Nevertheless, in the reality, being that kind of capitalists does not require any degree of education. It is a truth that having a higher degree of education can let us apply a higher salary job but it is not essential for being the tycoons. There are some real life examples to prove my argument is truth. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Richard Li choose to give up their opportunity to finish the university education and start their businesses. Although they do not have any diploma of graduation in the university, they can still run their business very well and earn a huge sum of money. University education is not an essential element for being a millionaire. Earning enormous figure of income does not request any degree. Moreover, what success is not only making a huge sum of money but also making our own dreams come true. Not everyone is giving weight money to a high position and what he or she wants is to accomplish his or her dreams. Different people have different dreams and some of the dreams may require a high level of education such as being a doctor or a lawyer in Hong Kong. It is necessary for the one who has these dreams to have a good academic result in A-Level exam and finish the university study to get the certification. However, some dreams do not claim any degree such as travelling around the world and having a perfectly satisfactory family. Therefore, we can grasp that how essential a university education is according to the one’s dreams but university education is not essential for every dream. In addition, there are many other keys for success, such as the talents, intelligence, communication skills, social skills etc. To be successful in a career, we need those elements I mentioned above and cannot ignore their importance for success. The diploma is only just an admission ticket in our career. What the boss paying attention is not our level of education but our working ability. That’s mean the ability to get the project done in order to help the boss earning profit. Although one has a high education level, the boss would still fire him or her if he or she makes troublesome to the company. Therefore, the university education is not that essential as people think. In conclusion, the university education is only one of the key for success.

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Senior Citizens Driiving - 1577 Words

Times are changing and the world is evolving. New technology and medications are constantly emerging and because of this it is no wonder that today people live an average of six years longer than they did in 1990 (Life Expectancy). With the life expectancy continually increasing, there are more and more elderly drivers on the roads. In fact, the total annual miles older drivers traveled climbed twenty nine percent from 1995 to 2001 (â€Å"Should elderly†) and that number is probably even greater now. This can cause a huge problem not only for the elderly drivers themselves, but for other people on the road too. As the body ages, reaction rate, hearing, and vision naturally decline which makes an aging driver much more susceptible to driving accidents and fatalities. Senior citizens should not be denied the right to drive, but they should be required to retake driving tests when they renew their license. This will confirm that they are mentally capable of operating a c ar and will assure more safety for all drivers on the road. In attempts to aid senior drivers even more, measures should also be put in place to make the roads easier for them to navigate. It is no secret that as people age their bodies start to slow down. Even though these changes are natural and extremely common, it does not mean they should be ignored, especially when it comes to driving. Vision, reaction rate, and hearing are three major concerns for elderly drivers. In the United States alone more

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Descriptive Essay About Vacation - 992 Words

It was a few days before our plane left for Cancun, Mexico. I was going on vacation for my parents tenth anniversary. I also got to go with some of my friends who were, Trent Gleeson, Luke Bader, and Josh Hagedorn. My friends and I all played football and we were going to miss a couple days of camp and weights so we planned to use the gym at the resort. We were all packed and so excited to leave in the morning. We woke up super early so we could be some of the first people in line. Once we arrived at the airport we had to go through security, and then we had to wait for a long time for our plane to arrive. Once the plane arrived everyone boarded, and I was lucky enough to get a window seat. The plane ride was pretty long, it lasted about†¦show more content†¦My friends and I were either in the ocean, pool, or hot tub for most of our trip. The best part about the pool was that we had our own server, and he came to us while we were in the pool and took drink and food orders, and then they brought it back to us. I can’t decide which part was my favorite, because the ocean was pretty cool. One afternoon, while we were exploring in the ocean, Trent Gleeson and I found this group of cinder blocks just laying way out in the ocean. Swimming around the blocks was all these fish. Well Trent and I while treading in the water ma de a plan to catch the biggest fish by trapping it whenever it went in a hole in one of the blocks. Our plan succeeded and we caught the fish, but once we got back our hands started stinging. We didn’t know if it was from the fish or the blocks. The pain shortly went away however. After each day of swimming we were tired. Since we paid for the special deal we could get room service for free. Every night we would order room service, and they had all kinds of food like ice cream, cheesecake, burgers, sandwiches, and so much more. One day we all got so sun burnt that Luke started to get blisters on his back and neck. After that, we put on a lot of sunscreen and stayed inside for longer than usual the next morning. One day we planned to take a ferry over to an island that was near our resort. We all ate breakfast at one of the restaurants and then we got on theShow MoreRelatedDescriptive Essay About Vacation1188 Words   |  5 PagesAs our children were growing older, we realized this year was probably our last vacation with all of our kids. As such my husband, Mike and I decided to take our kids and our dog by canoe and kayak almost 200 miles down the mighty Makenzie River. Jennifer aged 17, Shelly 13, and Ricky 9, prepared for a week without phones, stores, or television. Our plan was to canoe from Fort Simpson to Wrigley. Wrigley was the end of the road after the Mackenzie Highway. It would be an incredible family adventureRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Vacation1179 Words   |  5 PagesWhat comes to mind when I say the word, â€Å"vacation†? According to Merriam Webster, vacation is â€Å"a period of time that a person spends away from home, school, or business usually in order to relax or travel†. My family (my mom, little brother, my grandmother, and I) take a vacation every summer to relax and have fun in the sun. Our destination and vacation spot this particular year, 2016, was the beautiful city of Panama City Beach, Florida. Little did I know that what could have or should haveRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Vacation1042 Words   |  5 PagesThen grab our boogie boards. We are ready to have a spectacular day out on the beach by the ocean. I was on a vacation in Gulf Shores of Alabama. My family and our family’s good friends the Buxengards were all there together. There are three kids in the Buxengard family, two boys and a girl. One of the boys is my age. His name is Aaron. We spent a lot of time together throughout the vacation. Our favorite thing to do there was jumping and riding the ocean waves. Which is what we were going to do nowRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Vacation842 Words   |  4 PagesOctober 2017 Narrative Essay The air was filled with salt and warm sunlight. The waves were crashing against the Hawaiian sand causing a beautiful and relaxing sound. With flapping wings and squawking noises, seagulls were stalking tourists in the search of food. The soft, hot sand was soothing to the touch. The palm trees danced in the swaying wind and the aroma of distant barbecues and sunscreen wafted in the air. As a native Floridian, the thought of a Hawaiian vacation was appealing. Hours ofRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Vacation1373 Words   |  6 Pagesthis is what our vacation would be. Days of pure relaxation. Sadly that wasn’t the case for us. Tropical storm Cindy decided she was going to settle right over the Gulf of Mexico, and target mainly Destin Florida for a week. I would soon realize that vacations are not about the location, but that this is time to be carefree in the world, and just enjoy time with family. One Hundred and seventy six, fifty three, twenty eight, ten, one. I started my countdown five months before vacation. When June 18thRead MoreDescriptive Essay About Vacations1824 Words   |  8 PagesThe boring summers had already made their way in my boring life again this year. But this time it was the worst summer in the history of worst summers. The vacations of St. Stevens School always started early but this time it was planned one week before the time. I woke up and turned my face towards the clock. The minute hand showed me that I still had twenty five minutes to sleep but I somehow made my way out of bed and headed towards the washroom. I caught my glimpse in the mirror once I was holdingRead MoreDescriptive Essay About My Summer Vacation1300 Words   |  6 PagesIt was a beautiful day to try something new at Doheny State Beach in Dana Point, California. It was a long year in fourth grade, and my family and I were excited to start our summer vacation. As we pulled our tra iler on the southbound I-5 freeway towards San Diego, I could see the temperature gauge on my father’s truck slowly dropping to the mid 70’s. We were in a packed car with my father, mother, older brother,younger sister, snacks and drinks everywhere, and me, entranced by the game on my brandRead MoreSummary Of Once More To The Lake840 Words   |  4 PagesIn his essay â€Å"Once More to the Lake,† author E.B. White reflects on experiences he has had throughout his life at a family vacation spot. Although he writes the essay as an adult, he focuses on many childhood experiences with his father at the lake, comparing them to experiences he is having at same lake with his son. White begins by recalling his first time at the lake. He examines the similarities and differences between the two generations of lake experiences through rhetorical techniques inRead MoreAnalysis Of O Connor s A Good Man 869 Words   |  4 Pagesgot from his reactions to her. Even the children did not seem to respect the old lady. O’Connor’s story was very descriptive. Throughout the whole story there were little descriptions of setting that enabled the readers to have a very clear image of the scenery in the story. After some research about the author and the story itself, I came to find that most of O’Connor’s stories are about spirituality, salvation, and morality. From the information on Wikipedia, I found out that she was Catholic. ThisRead MoreLove in Anton Chekhov’s The Lady with the Dog Essay example1542 Words   |  7 Pagesand his love interest Anna, are given the emotional freedom to feel love toward one another. This freedom is the driving force in the story which represents an escape from their unhappy lives. Chekhov tells the readers about the forbidden love between two people during vacation through evaluation of the point of view, the setting, and the characters of â€Å"The Lady with the Pet Dog.† The definition of point of view is the vantage point from which the story is told. The narrator of â€Å"The Lady with